Week 9 Summary

Another Week down! this semester is flying by it seems, I really enjoyed all of the final products that the radio show groups produced. I thought they came out really well for it being most peoples first time attempting to create something like that, including my own. I’m sure most groups had their own challenges as did we, but the hard work paid off without question. As for the rest of the work this week it was definitely tools that I had never used before or even thought about using. Altering a website never really occurred to me. The directions were pretty straight forward and changing the text was a lot of fun. Inserting pictures is where I hit a road block, playing around with the code of a website hasn’t been a strong suit of mine in the past. Nevertheless it was fun changing the little things around and making a fake movie ad, one that might be made if the marketers in Hollywood really said what they felt on a project, but of course they won’t because they are getting paid to promote a film *even if its awful* anyway I hope you guys enjoy what I put together!

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Google Map Trip

For this assignment I decided to take a different approach. Rather than mapping out a trip that I had been on, I decided to map out the “locations” of my childhood. I came across the realization that I really didn’t travel very far from home on average. I was either at school during the day and playing sports at night or going to the park during the summer. Really not too many destinations, but it was fun reminiscing on the old times during this assignment when the amount of responsibility was at an all time low.

Ghosts From Ds106 Past

For this Assignment I decided to stay on this Ds106 post and change the whole assignment around to create the most frustrating assignment ever created. There are no instructions and the header pretty much says continue at your own risk. Good thing this isn’t real because there Is no starting or ending point to this assignment, just a whole lot of confusion. Good thing everyone that has submitted an assignment this semester has done an excellent job describing their assignment and making it easy for the rest of us. Pretty much the opposite of the direction I decided to take this Webpage.


Original Website

Updated Website

It is no secret that whenever we go to the movies we feel like professional critiques. Personally one of my favorite things about going to the movies are the trailers that come before. No matter who we are, you always turn to the person next to you that you are watching with and will say things like, “That looks amazing!” or “why would they even make that, it looks terrible.” I always joke around with my friends about going to Hollywood and asking some studios why they thought it was a good idea to invest millions for an awful product. I’m sure many people have thought of the same when they left a movie regretting even spending their hard earned money on such an awful movie, let alone spending $15 on a ticket and then another $15 on food. But no matter how many awful reviews a film gets from the real critiques the marketers of the film have to try and arouse an interest in an audience so that the film can make some of the money back. In some cases it works but in most the film bombs and doesn’t even come close to making back the amount that it spent in production.

For this assignment I decided to have a little fun with the marketing of an awful movie coming out, Power Rangers. The studio probably spent millions for the budget and will most likely not sniff that amount in revenue. I decided to play the role of an honest marketer for a film and what the description might be if they really spoke their mind on behalf of the film they are supposed to sell to the public. Also making fun of the movie goer who will spend money on these movies regardless of the critiques reviews.

Connected Daily Creates




*Scientists running every which way*

“I think we have done it!”

“I didn’t think this was even possible!”

“This is a scientific break through of epic proportions!”

“Well, what are you doing? Go get the president before he wakes up! this is the moment Donald Trump has been waiting for since the first day he took office!”


“Mr. President, we….ummm. Sir the procedure worked, he will be waking up any minute now.”

*Everyone running back to the main room*

*A moan from the body* *Ice melts away slowly*

“The American people will love me forever! Everything I have said/done will be forgiven.”

President- “Welcome back Elvis Presley! this is going to be a shock to you but we have brought you back to life and reconfigured your stem cells to make you look like you’re in your 30s. O and one more thing, its 2017.”

Presley- “What the hell did you bring me back for?”

President- “On face value we brought you back to mend the relationship between me and the American people, you have that kind of power to unite a people once more. On the flip side, we have a mission for you.”

Presley- “what’s is it?”

President- “We are going to send you back in time to 1971 and 1900, we figured that you will be well received in those times because everyone loves your music, you even have your own radio channels today so you are one of the few that will be well liked in any decade.”

President- “We need you to change some polices in 1971- Talk to Nixon and convince him of the future.”

Presley- “how?”

President- “We are sending you back with a folder, just give him that and then sing him a few songs.”

President- “we also need you to go back to the year 1900 and change the mind of John Hay of the open door policy with china to increase trade between countries. Our historians are telling us that we shouldn’t enact this policy until 1930. Many benefits will come out of it for all sides.”

Presley- “This day cannot get any stranger……. Alright I will help you out but that’s just because I don’t want to be in 2017 any longer.”

*Everyone walks to the next room, Machine starts*

“Sir the year 1900 is set on the machine”

President- “You are doing you’re country a great deed here, when you return I would like a song, and then we will pay you a great fortune.”

*clinks, clonks, zip*

President- “God help us all”

To be continued


  1. “Birthday Celebration” by Amari really needs to be celebrated, no pun intended. This is an audio mashup of different sounds from a CC search and put together to sound like a recording of a surprise birthday party. It was really well done and the inclusion of Amari’s own voice to say “shhhh” before fading out the audio was extremely creative. Amari has definitely mastered Audacity and that is no easy task as we all know, I’m sure that this assignment helped a ton with the radio show as it did with me. I hope everyone takes the time to listen to this!

    2) “Spy Phone Conversation” by Daniel Hawkins is an excellent audio creation, especially because it goes hand in hand with the theme of this semester. It simulates a phone call from an unidentified source to an agent that appears to be deep in a mission. It makes you think about what you might do in similar circumstances, would you walk away if you were told your life was in danger from a caller that you didn’t know? The conversation flows incredibly well and doesn’t sound delayed or too fast given that it was of course created in Audacity with different audio files. Daniel should be really proud of this creation.

    3) “Spymate Commercial” by  Nicholas Sebenaler is one of the more unique entries that I’m sure we will come across this semester. It is hilarious and very well made, kind of makes fun of the fact that there are a million dating sites out there today, Something for any type of person. What about spy’s? this commercial helps this become a reality for spy’s looking for love. It stays within the theme of the class and sounds like a legitimate commercial that one might hear online, very well done.



I thought everyone did a great job with their radio shows, all the hard work really paid off. The ideas were really original and the shows were fast paced and kept the listener engaged throughout. I believe the biggest problem for most of the groups was making the dialogue and the background audio connect while playing with the different tools in Audacity that make it all possible, for example fading audio in and out in order to create seamless flow during the entire show. The flow of audio can be the trickiest part because not every group was able to meet up, that can result in either a delay in response to a question or answer or even a response that is too quick after the previous line. Speaking for our group that was the most difficult part of the whole process because we had a whole story to read from, so making it sound like a legitimate conversation was hard, especially because the audio quality/sound is different from source to source.

Today I will be talking about the show that I live tweeted during, Agents on Air, all in all I thought this group did a fantastic job with their show. Just out of the gate, I loved their idea to emulate a “daily talk show” that you might see on television in the middle part of the day. An Agent talk show was a brilliant idea to get our class characters involved with each other and what might happen if they were to gossip about past/current missions that they are involved with. The entire show was interesting and the transition between show and commercial or bumper was seamless.

I think where this group had their difficulties was probably in line with our group. Because the audio was recorded from different sources, it doesn’t always match and that can make it difficult for the listener to believe that a real conversation is taking place between the characters. Also this hurts the editing process because if one person’s recording is louder or softer and the background sound remains the same then some of the dialogue can be drowned out. I found it difficult to hear some of the dialogue and in some instances the music playing in the background was a huge distraction, but finding that right balance is hard to do.

Like I said before, I thought this group did an excellent job in creating a product that was unique and thoughtful. The only complaints are with the editing audio output which is similar to every group including mine, but hey not bad for a bunch of students putting a radio show together for the first time right?!

Tweets during the show






Google Draw Something

This assignment was a lot of fun and also extremely frustrating. I have always been a huge fan of these sorts of games, I usually play Pictionary and charades with my family. I am without question better at acting something out than I am at Pictionary, I was never one to have that artistic ability *doesn’t really run in the family* given only 20 seconds in this game to draw a picture, I do believe the quality of my pictures represent that allotted time. I was surprised to find that google was able to guess 4/6 of my pictures. Still a really fun game that I’m sure I will play again at some point.

Week 8 Summary

Radio Show Progress Week 2

Daily Create 1890

Daily Create 1890

This week had its ups and downs, editing the radio show was without question the hardest part of it all because our group decided that the only way to get everything in was to record individually *because our group had a lot of time conflicts* meshing everything together and trying to make it flow was really taxing. Overall it was a rewarding experience, while working on the show I noticed that it required a culmination of everything we have done in class up to this point. The audio assignments were the ones that helped me out the most because I worked a ton with soundcloud this week in order to create background sounds that fit the description and direction of our story.