Period Piece Mashup tutorial

For this assignment I used which made putting everything together extremely easy. The creative commons search engine is attached to the page already so this allows you to avoid any posts that may get removed. The search allows you to look up movies, songs, add pictures, and finally add text. It takes a little getting used to and can be annoying at times because it continuously replays your video after every change but once you get the hang of putting it all together than it fits like an audio piece that you would create in Audacity. Just line up the seconds at the bottom while completing your finishing touches.

Week 11 Summary

For the majority of the week I used YouTube Editor to bring my projects together, really made everything simple and easy to maneuver around balancing background audio, pictures, and clips. I spent the majority of the week developing my character and 2/3 projects were geared toward the final creation and what his backstory may be as well as what missions he may go on in the future. The Class Mission assignment this week put a lot of power into our hands which made it fun to come up with something that I felt the whole class might enjoy while also working together to find a hypothetical double spy. It will be interesting to read what everyone else has been working on and see just what the class mission will be down the road.


Class Mission

Daily Create 1910


Daily Create 1912

Daily Create 1911


Movie Mashup


College Snapshot


Period Piece Mashup


Period Piece Mashup

For this assignment I decided to ask the class a question in the video. The question is, Who will your agent be?

We decide the fate of our agents so there is potential to take it in any direction we see fit. For the mashup I used a well known clip from the series Mission Impossible in which Tom Cruise does what he does best, fires weapons, survives explosions, and more importantly never misses his target. This is the case with most agents today, like Jason Borne and James Bond. The typical kill about 30 people and then of course get the girl at the end, we all know that story.

The other choice for an agent seems to be the comedic route in which an incapable person gets thrown into the fire and somehow manages to survive the attack of trained soldiers. All the while keeping the entire mood of the movie light and funny, even in the face of certain danger.

The question here is, which is your agent? or do you still need to decide a path for that person? Personally I haven’t picked for my agent yet because both have their advantages in regard to their potential creative routes. I am leaning towards the more serious path but those kinds of movies can still have their humor as we see in most James Bond films.

For the movie I created, like I said I start with the Mission Impossible Clip and then bring in an old favorite “The Naked Gun” which portrays the closest thing possible to a incompetent character but he still embarks on an adventure, just has a lot of funny things happen to him throughout the story. It is two polar opposite directions for characters as well tackles the period piece question to go along with it.

College Snapshot

Being at senior at UMW and having 30 days left until my last final I just couldn’t pass up the chance to complete this assignment and really reflect on all of the wonderful times I have had at not only the school but also the Fredericksburg area as a whole. I tried to include as many photos as possible that show the amazing people that I have met over the past few years and show the viewer some of the most memorable spots on campus and events that I attended. I found looking back through my phone and on the campus website that sometimes the more simple photo can be the most memorable to the creator. It may not bring out as much emotion to the audience but it may strike accord with the viewer that actually goes to the school because no matter who you are or where you come from we all will remember the freshman dorm room.

Once again I used YouTube Editor to make this project, I have found it very useful but it does come with its shortcomings, though that can be expected with any software. For the project itself, i included at least one photograph from each year I have been at school, this is probably the cornerstone message of the video because it shows an in depth look at how people change over the course of their college careers and how their surroundings change as well. It is hard to explain the choice for the background song, as an editor there are times when you pair something together and it just feels right, it flows in the background. That is what I felt with my song choice.


Movie Mashup

For this short movie I really wanted to introduce the inspiration for my agent (Francis Underwood) which if you have seen the Netflix original House of Cards than you know fully well who I am talking about. For those of you unfamiliar with the show than allow me to give a brief description. The show takes place in modern day D.C and follows the main character Frank Underwood and his Wife through their rise to power in the political realm. Frank is the democratic Whip in congress and slowly manipulates everyone in his way in order to achieve his master end goal, becoming president of the United States. Anyone who comes between him and this goal mysteriously passes away, so you can tell that this man will do anything to become President.

Over the past few years this show has been one of my favorites, all the deception and lying make it extremely engaging. I wanted to use this character as the main frame because he will do anything to accomplish his goals by any means necessary and is always one step ahead of his enemies. The other characteristics I choose to leave out, for obvious reasons I don’t want my agent to be killing anyone that is innocent.

As for this short film I decided to join a bunch of the shows photos together and pair it with secret agent music that I thought went really well in the background. My original idea was to pair the pictures with actual audio from the show, but it seems like the YouTube editor system doesn’t give you the opportunity to add that sort of audio. Overall I think the finished product is a good representation of the origin of my character and what direction I will be taking his story in the future.