Final Project

The Hotel

Scene one

Time Log 6:00pm 4/10/2017

*Agent Frank Underwood returns home from the office distraught, thinking about all the hours of training and studying to become an agent, and for what? He was working a glorified 9-5 desk job in a cubicle on 32nd street in downtown D.C. It wasn’t the life he expected, setting up missions and giving intel to agents out on the field was helpful to them but just wasn’t the rewarding position that Frank had been dreaming of since he was a little kid. Frank knew he was qualified for field work and wanted to chance to prove to the boss that he in fact was being underutilized in his current role with the agency. It just wasn’t the same agency anymore, two months ago everything went digital *The month after Frank joined. Now missions and Agents have to go online to find work, On Agents Meet Maybe it was the way Frank Set up his profile, he wasn’t even good at regular dating sites and now he had to set up an account in an attempt to find work… Frank knew he had to remain optimistic, so at 7:00pm that night he went back on the website to see if any mission was a match for his qualifications.

Time Log 7:00pm 4/10/2017

Scrolls down to see “The Hotel” Frank reads Into the mission and is very interested, he looks at the match rating (95%) “Wow! my first match, I thought I would never enter the field.”  

*Below the hotel section

Do you accept this mission? YES or NO

Two Seconds after Frank accepted; a chat pops up on the screen

Agent Smith- Are you Interested in this Mission?

Agent Underwood- I am! When do I start?

Agent Smith- I think my intel is already compromised

Agent Smith- Ill show you the evidence tomorrow on another computer

Agent Smith- Meet me at 4:00pm tomorrow at this address

6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada

Agent Smith- Don’t be late and delete this information

Agent Underwood- *Too excited, doesn’t say anything

Scene Two

Time Log 9:00am 4/11/2017

*Frank wakes up for the new day, more excited than he has ever been in his life

*Agent Frank sits at his desk waiting patiently for any instructions from Agent Smith. This was unprecedented grounds for Frank, he didn’t know what to say or do, all he knew was that he was chosen for this upcoming Hotel Mission.

*Just then Frank received a message on his laptop*

*A video popped up on Franks Screen reading, WATCH ME!*

*After Seeing the video Frank received a plane ticket and a pass port under a different name of Thomas Worfolk, the flight was at 3:00 so Frank decided to finish up all of the paperwork on his desk to eat away at the time,

*Feeling productive, having completed all his work for the weekend, Frank called a cab and was now headed to complete his first ever mission! Frank knew he had to keep a low profile throughout the mission but felt the urge to document his trip, “This is something I will remember for the rest of my life!”

*After the plane landed, Agent Underwood headed straight to the address that was given to him the previous day

Time log 7:00pm 4/11/2017

*Arriving to the hotel

Agent Underwood- ” My name is Frank….. ummm sorry my name is Thomas Worfolk

Desk Clerk- “Uhh alright, how can I help?”

Agent Underwood- ” I am in need of a room for the night”

Desk Clerk- “excellent, we have a room just for you, 511 it is. Is this trip for business or for pleasure?”

Agent Underwood- “Both”

Desk Clerk- “very good sir, please enjoy your stay!”

*Frank goes to room 511, the door opens and Agent Smith is sitting is sitting in a chair with a folder in his lap

Agent Underwood- “Agent Smith?”

Agent Smith- “Yes its me, now hurry here and look at the details.”

* Agent Underwood takes a look at the Folder

*Mission Details

Canada and Russia have formed an alliance of sorts to generate enough funds to put together the largest weapons convoy in western history. Speculation is that the weapons will be sent to areas in the Middle East in exchange for money and oil, The U.S Government has made it clear that they do not approve of any weapons entering the Middle East but have wanted to stay out of the conflict. The convoy will be loaded behind this hotel at 10:00pm tonight, your mission is to blow up the convoy without anyone knowing that you were there. The U.S Government cannot be involved, that is why you were chosen Agent Underwood, and nobody really knows you  

Agent Smith- “Are you ready to do your country a great service?”

Agent Underwood- *Trying not to scream of excitement “Yeah I think I’m ready.”

Agent Smith- “Think, cannot be in you vocabulary. We are going to complete this mission and get the hell out of here.”

Agent Underwood- “Roger that sir”

Scene Three

Time Log 9:45pm 4/11/2017

Agent Smith- “Are you all geared up? its almost go time, we don’t want to miss our window”

Agent Underwood- “I am as ready as I will ever be”

Agent Smith- “Alright lets move out, try to act as casual as possible.”

*The two agents walk down the long hotel hallway

Agent Smith- “Hold on, something doesn’t feel right”

Agent Underwood-“What is it? I don’t see anyone…”

Agent Smith-“That’s right.. it looks like the Hotel is evacuated. They must know we are here”

Agent Underwood- “So what are we going to do!?”

Agent Smith- “Go through the vents and find out how many men we are dealing with here. Make sure you have your silencer on to avoid detection.”

Agent Underwood- “Where will you go? Are you just using me as bait?!”

Agent Smith- “I am going to plant this bomb at whatever the cost, that job has more of a risk than you taking care of some bodyguards in a hotel!”

Agent Underwood- “alright I will try to take care of as many as possible, make sure you plant that bomb on the truck and get the hell out there.”

Agent Smith- “See you in 10 minutes”

Time Log 10:00pm 4/11/2017

*The two men sprinted down the drive that lead to the hotel… Explosions all around them. they just kept running.

*The mission was complete

Agent Smith- “so where are you staying tonight?”

Agent Underwood- “Not at that hotel…”

Agent Smith-“great joke, I might have laughed if our lives didn’t almost just end about two minutes ago”

Agent Smith- “Lets get out of here, great work, maybe you should ask for a transfer from your agency so you can be my partner full time, you have a hell of a shot, I’m surprised this was your first time in the field.”

Agent Underwood- “That mission was the most ‘alive’ I have felt in my entire life, I will ask for the transfer on Monday if it means that I can continue working in the field on missions life this for the rest of my career.”

*The two made their way to a near by motel and the noise of firetrucks and sirens whistled past them.

*That night Agent Underwood lay in his bed thinking about the mission, he just couldn’t sleep, the adrenaline still pumping through his body. He stared up at the motel ceiling smiling, he had finally accomplished his first mission with flying colors. The next phase in life seemed endless with possibility and intrigue, no longer was he afraid that he would spend the rest of his career behind a desk. Everything in the world was at piece. He couldn’t wait until Monday to ask for the transfer, the idea of working alongside Agent Smith full time seemed wonderful. Agent Underwood finally shut his eyes, and got the best night sleep he had gotten in a long time, happy and content with life.