Comedy Mashup

For this assignment I decided to put together a small clip of some of my favorite comedians of the day. The video starts with stand-up by Louis C.K then goes into a interview of comedian Bill Burr and then ends with an SNL Clip and a Daniel Tosh clip. I have always been a fan of stand-up because the comedians say what people are afraid to say, they don’t hold back on anything or anyone. In a way their profession has a much deeper meaning than just making people laugh, they make it alright to laugh at others and to also laugh at yourself. It is important to not take yourself to seriously and just let loose. It is hard to do and takes a lot of practice but the more you do it than the more in tune with who you really are, you will be. That’s why it is so important.

As for the video, I choose clips that really highlight each comedians strengths and the stuff that makes them great. I wanted to create a nice comedy cover as well before the clips start so I put together a picture and text and then added some light jazz music in the background, I think it came together pretty well in the end. please enjoy and remember to keep on laughing!

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