Week 12 Summary

This week served as sort of a continuation of what we have been building towards for the last several weeks. Remixes and mashups really let you show your creative talent and put together some of your favorite things (characters, songs, pictures) it really lets the class know who you are and what your likes and dislikes are. This week I enjoyed poking a little fun at my other class’s by integrating a Saving Private Ryan reference and then creating a light hearted comedy mashup that allowed me to work on my video creating skills some more.

As for the “side” tutorial assignment, hopefully I helped out a little by giving some inside info on the YouTube editor page in which I have been doing a large part of my work. It felt good giving back to the future students taking ds106 because I know those tutorials have been really helpful for me when I have struggled early on with completing certain assignments.

Holiday Mashup

Im Ready For My Closeup

Period Piece Mashup tutorial

Daily Create 1920

Daily Create 1916

Comedy Mashup



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