Week 14 Summary

It truly is amazing that the semester has gone by this quickly! In all honesty my perception of the class changed 180 since the first week. It started off as a class that just had a lot of work to something of a release for me from my other class schedule throughout the week. Having the ability to be as creative as possible while telling a story has been one of the best takeaways for me. As the weeks went on, the assignments in this class actually were sort of a stress reliever. Also all of the knowledge gained throughout the whole process will definitely be something that I take with me during the next phase of my life.

As for the final project, I am about to record that last piece tonight using Audacity. I decided to Write a story for my Agent that has him traveling to Canada to intercept information between the Canadians and the Russians. In between the story I have included digital parts that give visualization to the story and also make it run more smoothly. Just for an example I created a website called Agents Meet Missions.com, sort of like a dating website but my agents story goes that no mission was a match for him… until this mission, called the “Hotel.” It was a blast finishing out the project and writing the story. Hopefully you guys enjoy the finished product!


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